120 min ¥85,000
Mention about “Tokyo Erotic Guide”,
watching photo & photo nomination fee ¥FREE!
Our brothel, Don-juan, delivers the happiest time like a heaven itself to you all.
Showing Up Girl’s Face (Open Style)
Every cast of the store come saying hello and thank you at each customer in the store.
After that, the casts leave you once. Please choose one of them you want to get a service from.




Reservation LINE

Mayuki (23)
T162 B87(E) W58 W58

Kurara (24)
T154 B84(D) W58 W85

Maika (22)
T158 B85(E) W57 W80

Seina (22)
T158 B87(E) W58 W86

Madoka (21)
T159 B87(D) W58 W88

Ran (27)
T157 B84(D) W56 W83

Sena (24)
T150 B87(D) W58 W86

Yukina (22)
T159 B84(D) W58 W87

Aoi (23)
T163 B82(C) W55 W80

Yuzu (24)
T154 B96(H) W60 W88

Rumi (23)
T156 B87(E) W59 W88

Rena (24)
T164 B87(E) W58 W87

Asuka (21)
T167 B83(C) W58 W85

Alice (20)
T154 B86(D) W58 W85

Nanami (22)
T162 B85(E) W60 W90

Rino (24)
T156 B87(E) W60 W90

Yui (24)
T168 B84(C) W58 W85

Ema (25)
T155 B86(D) W58 W85

Siho (24)
T162 B96(H) W59 W88

Kaede (21)
T155 B84(C) W58 W85

Yuri (21)
T154 B91(G) W59 W86

Yuu (28)
T163 B93(F) W56 W85

Rinka (21)
T164 B91(F) W57 W85

Tsubaki (22)
T156 B84(D) W56 W84

Himawari (22)
T153 B84(C) W58 W84

Kohaku (22)
T161 B95(G) W59 W88

Miku (21)
T166 B82(C) W56 W81

Anri (21)
T160 B84(D) W57 W83

Tsukasa (25)
T160 B98(H) W59 W86

Riona (21)
T160 B87(E) W58 W85

Yozora (21)
T156 B82(C) W57 W83

Sae (25)
T153 B82(C) W57 W83

Mami (21)
T156 B86(E) W57 W83

Fuuka (23)
T158 B86(D) W54 W85

Nozomi (23)
T163 B82(D) W56 W82

Makoto (22)
T158 B85(D) W56 W82

Asahi (22)
T155 B86(E) W58 W84

Sora (23)
T150 B87(E) W57 W83

Chinatsu (24)
T160 B80(B) W56 W81

Mari (20)
T162 B87(E) W58 W86

Yume (24)
T156 B96(H) W59 W88

Miruku (22)
T156 B87(F) W59 W88

Sakura (21)
T163 B87(D) W59 W87

Suzuka (22)
T154 B81(C) W57 W83

Momo (21)
T145 B82(C) W58 W84

Megu (21)
T152 B85(D) W57 W84

Ayase (21)
T164 B91(G) W58 W89